Day 0: Preparations (25.08.19)

The time has come. We’re at it again. We’re embarking on a road trip. This summer, after having gone to Tomorrowland, Scandinavia, Australia and Morocco in the previous years, we’re going to the Balkans. And with that, I’m also heading towards my roots. This is actually kind of interesting to me, since it has now almost been three or four years since I’ve last been down there and visited my relatives. And with this long strech of time loads has changed. I have definitely matured, stepped into life as a student, been confronted with every-day racism more than in my whole life before and just in general, I’ve started to confront others and myself more with where my roots are. Which is definitely a good thing! Frustrating, but good. I think this all started with the WM 2018, where three Swiss players showed the “Doppeladler” at a game between Switzerland and Serbia. That event, with everything surrounding it, definitely stirred things up. And now I’m really excited to see how I will react to all of this, especially since this is gonna be the first time I’m down there without my parents, and the first time where I can show the culture and people down there to my peers.

Anyhow, I’m super excited. Everything is packed! Powerbanks, Phones, Camera and Drone are charged. YES! I can take my drone with me, since the countries down there are not as much a pain in the a** as Morocco, concerning drone regulations. This time we’re five people, all crammed into Otto II. That’s gonna be fun for sure.

So, I’ll try to post something on this blog, whenever there is something intersting to say or nice pictures and such to upload. Maybe that is gonna be daily, but it might also take several days for a new update to show up. But data shouldn’t be an issue: Swisscom is awesome, when it comes to roaming, and data down there is just so damn cheap. For example: In Montenegro 100GB of data cost 10 (converted) CHF. That’s insane!

My photo equipment for this trip:

  • Phone: Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Backup-Phone: iPhone 6s
  • Camera: Konica FT-1 Motor (analog! got some black/white (ilford 400 and 100) and Kodak Colour films with me)
  • Drone: DJI Mavic Pro

So: wish us luck! Enjoy your own holidays! Enjoy the read!

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