Day 1: Embarking!


47.3221863, 11.6838523, Camping Plankenhof, Pill, Austria

We’re on our way. Jason told us, they’d get up at 9 and be by my place around 11. So knowing him, I got up at like 10:30 and watched some episodes of 13 Reasons Why until 13:00 until I brought everything downstairs to the road. We then picked up Thor, shot some really funny pictures cuz we’re just too dumb to do jumping shots on a timer and left Switzerland. We still had to get some boxes in an OBI and had lunch at McD, but yeah, not yo much exciting stuff happening today.

The coolest thing was that while we were looking for a camping spot and realised they were all way too expensive in Austria, Pämi found one that looked promising and it very much confirmed itself to be one. It cost us all 10 bucks total, because this was their last season and it was basically empty. It’s next to a fancy expensive hotel and we were promised some 🐔 and a “halb-agressive gans”, although these still remain to be seen. Also: While we’re parked about 150m away from the hotel, the WiFi here is better and faster than any I encountered on my whole trips to Morocco and Australia, even compared to the one in the public library of Sydney.

Tomorrow we’ll continue to cross Austria and maybe already arrive in Slovenia, where things start to become more interesting, cheaper and jankier. If you wanna see the map I compiled, with all the interesting spots I found while browsing the internet, follow this URL: Feel free to post or send me any suggestions or recommendations you might have.

Ah, and we already had our first massive rainfall while driving with some wet mattresses and sleeping bags, yaay!

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