Day 13 & 14: Kosovo

07.09.2019, Dobërdol

We woke up late, still having to process that gigantic dinner we had the day before, just to be greeted by a massive breakfast. Petulla, peperoni, sausages, bread, salad, tea. Abe’s food (my aunt) just kept coming.

After that we slowly made our way to the capital, Prishtinë. I never new much about the capital, just having been to some very specific places before. So having found a parking spot, we strolled around the “Qender”, where we saw the famous Newborn letters and soaked in the weird atmosphere of Prishtinë.

The thing about the capital is: Nothing makes sense. Everything is really rundown, roads are crammed with parked cars, people honk all the time and architecturally or culturally it just doesn’t have much to offer. However, it feels really busy. People buzz around like ants, cars rush through the inner city and foreign busses, we saw some PostAutos and Zuger Busse, are everywhere. And somehow I actually like this pot au feu of activity. I couldn’t imagine recommending it to any tourist, but I think living or working there can be quite fun.

One cool thing about the city is: It features one of the top 10 ugliest buildings in the world according to some webpages. And yeah, it is quite ugly. We’re talking about the National Library of Kosovo. Of course it had to be an official institution. The thing with this one is: From afar it just looks weird, the closer you get the more you see how ugly it really is. And on top of that it’s quite intricate, so the architect kind of had something in mind that must have made sense, which makes it not randomly ugly. It’s kinda weird. Inside it’s supposed to be prettier, but they didn’t let us in since it was a Saturday (also weird for a library). But hey, let the pictures (that don’t do it justice) convince you:

After this we had a copy of the car key made and went to the famous Bill Clinton statue. It’s hands are way to big!

We then drove out of the inner city to a small Serbian “enclave” called Graçanicë. A strong Serbian community lives there and as soon as you enter you see a sign “You enter surveillance area”. It is one of the places that Serbia claims as their own and over which the conflict is being held because of an ancient Orthodox monastery there. But to be honest, I don’t really see why Serbia would care. They obviously just need a scapegoat reason to claim Kosovo as their own for the monastery is small, old, rundown and boring. We guys weren’t allowed to enter because we wore shorts or as the guard said: “you are very naked”. Elena entered and said it wasn’t special, just a very dark, depressive church. We then saw a woman with an obviously way too short dress entering, so she probably spoke Serbian or the guy just didnt like us.

Then we rushed back to Dobërdol to have dinner with my cousins and their kids and it was awesome. It was also way more comfortable for my friends cuz they could speak English all the time and I didn’t need to be the translator for every sentence. I flew around my drone, showed it to my cousins’ kids and had amazing dinner with one of my favourite Albanian dishes: Flij


After having another great breakfast and packing up, taking loads of onions, peperoni and tomatoes with us, we drove to Prizren, the probably most touristic and historic town of Kosovo. People have been telling all kinds of things about it. And I can just say: yeah it is probably the prettiest city of Kosovo but it also is just boring and not worth visiting it. However, the mixture of churches and over 40 mosques is interesting.

We then drove past Gjakova to the Albanian border, heading towards Valbona valley in Albania. At the border policemen stopped us to search our car, however, I had a short talk and some jokes with them and then it was okay😂

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