Day 4 & 5: first beach and Plitvice National Lakes

29.08.19, Senj

Our first day in Croatia wasn’t very spectacular. We entered Croatia, drove along its coast and went swimming at a small public beach in Senj after buying loads of food in a supermarket. We found out that finding a nice, quiet spot at the coast is quite hard, since almost everything is private land or inaccessible.

30.08.19, Plitvice National Park and Croatian-Bosnian border

We woke up early the next day to visit Plitvice National Park, the probably most important national park of Croatia and well-known for its azure lakes. It was definitely very beautiful but almost too touristy, we were lucky that we arrived there early. We did a 8km hike along the several plateaus of lakes. And believe me, the following pictures are not edited and the lakes were really that blue!

Next is my highlight on this trip so far: we took a really small, shitty road that took us to the top of a mountain that today is only used for maintenance of some radio towers. However, it used to be a border control and nowadays that part is completely abandoned. This is where we first came across shields that warned us about the dangers of several landmines surrounding that area. While that made my stomach feel a bit icky, we could not resist exploring well-worn paths a bit more.

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