Day 6 & 7: Una National Park , Train stations and mines

31.08.2019, Una National Park

We crossed the border to Bosnia for the first time legally and where immediately confronted with the fact that Bosnia & Herzegovina is not part of the EU. Everything is poorer, dirtier, untidier. In a nutshell: It feels way more like the Balkans I know than Croatia and Slovenia.

We drove to Una National Park, accompanied by the eponymous river, and enjoyed the nice, quiet ride next to the water. Honey and berries advertisemens passed us at every community and the whole area felt less touristy and more peaceful than everything in the countries before. We saw some waterfalls at the border to Croatia and although it was forbidden, many people took a swim underneath the cascades or tried to catch some fish.

We later took a swim upstream. A really short swim. The water was ice cold and the entry point into the river was uncomfortable, to say the least.

The highlight of the day however was our camping spot. It was an old abandoned train station at the border. To get there we had to drive over an amazingly dodgy bridge and through a forest, with the underwood giving our car a nice peeling on both sides. From the train station we followed the rails through a tunnel to another bridge, this time one for trains that was quite high and just as dodgy to stand on where I took some nice shots with my drone.

01.09.19, somewhere in Bosnia

The next day was quite boring in comparison. We went onto a track into nothingness whose first parts where kinda boring and in the middle of forests, whereas our camping spot was on a nice curve of a road above the treeline with breathtaking views. Getting there we passed a lot of, and I really mean LOADS OF, mine warnings. We also decided to go to Mostar and Dubrovnik the next day instead of Sarajevo and I finally called my relatives to arrange our staying in Kosovo next weekend.

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