Day 8 & 9: Mostar, Dubrovnik, Kotor

02.09.2019, Mostar

Short stop in Mostar before driving to Dubrovnik after having decided to skip Sarajevo. Famous for its old bridge with the tradition of young men jumping from 26m into the river in june. We saw someone stepping onto it, preparing to jump, but they didn’t in the end, which was kind of disappointing.

02.09.2019, Dubrovnik

We then continued on and drove to Dubrovnik expecting this to be the most touristy spot of our trip. The cool thing was that we managed to sync our itinerary with that of two friends of ours and so we met them there and had dinner together. A mediocre and way too expensive dinner. Dubrovnik by night had its charm, parking was way too expensive, and the Game of Thrones influence is hard. I still dont know if I really like it. It’s pretty for sure, but all the restaurants and luxurious boutiques together with the GoT-Merchandise ruin the atmosphere quite a bit for me.

This is the dinner I had: “Shame Chicken”

Maybe Dubrovnik would have won me over by daylight, who knows.

03.09.2019, Kotor, Montenegro

Following the recommendation of a friend and after having washed some of our clothes for the first time, we drove down to Kotor. And I have to say, I loved it. It’s situated in a beautiful bay with tall mountains towering above a small, but really pretty old town with a very worn down path climbing up to an old fortress ruin.

One thing is for sure: I’m in love with montenegro for several reasons. One of them is this:


The other reasons will follow during the next two days, stay curious 🙂

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